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Free Online Tarot Reading Advice

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Often when you most want a reading, it is at a time when you can least afford one. For many people now there are months when balancing finances is more important than a reading.

There is help at hand…. you are just a click away from having and enjoying a free tarot reading. There are several options available, and you all you need really is your computer and a little time.

The most simple way of finding a free tarot reading is to do type in some phrases into your browser and do a search. You can try phrases like

  • free tarot readings
  • free tarot readings online
  • free readings
  • free psychic readings
  • free online readings
  • free clairvoyant readings

Try also adding 'UK' at the end of the phrase, e.g. 'free tarot readings UK'.

Each phrase you use will bring up slightly different results; I have found that the most useful phrases are the first three.

Most of the free readings are automated and many do not require any information such as your email address although a small number will require you to register with them first.

An automated reading means that there is an on screen programme which allows you to choose your deck, type in your question, and sometimes you can even pick your cards by clicking on them using your mouse button. You will find anything from a free automated one card answer, to a full Celtic Cross spread. In most instances there will be a short reading for you to go with each card selected. With a little trial and error, you will probably come across at least two sites whose automated card readings appeal to you.

Apart from being free, these readings can be a lot of fun, and will also give you an opportunity also to explore card decks. Cards used in the free automated services online include

  • Waite tarot
  • I Ching
  • Crowley Thoth
  • Osho Zen
  • Angel cards
  • The Guilded Tarot
  • Lewellyn tarot
  • Quest tarot
  • Fairy ring
  • Celtic Dragon
  • Golden Dawn
  • Healing with the Angels cards
  • Crystal Ally Cards
  • Animal spirit oracle
  • Lovers Path tarot

Another alternative in searching for free on line readings, is to try phrases like: 'free Angel online readings' or 'free online love readings'; 'free fairy card on line readings', etc.

A second option of finding a free reading is to join an online search for a UK 'tarot forum' or 'psychic forum'. Another very useful phrase to search with is 'tarot forums free tarot readings'. Occasionally a reader will post an invite offering their services for free; the offer may be for a few days, or be limited to the first five people who respond. You may have to wait your turn, but in the meantime will be able to enjoy the social side of the forum and perhaps make new friends as well. In this case your reading will be not be automated, but a personal one to one phone or email reading.

A third option and probably the most appropriate if you long for a reading that is spiritual and you can afford to wait a little, is to do a web search for your local spiritualist church. They will have regular weekly church services where visiting SNU platform mediums demonstrate clairvoyance by giving short readings to members of the congregation. Although this is not online, it is a way of hopefully getting a free reading. Platform mediums will try to give a short message to as many people in the congregation as they can, subject to the time allowed.

Just a note on the free online readings; some companies offer up to 5 or 10 minutes free on a phone reading, and then will charge you sometimes by the minute. Unfortunately, you will find that these companies will show up amid your search results for free readings. If they are not what you are looking for, simply return to your search and try the next option shown.

Please note, that in the UK, readings are for entertainment only and should not replace professional advice or opinion.

Authour: Gina - Doggeanie. Gina offers spiritual readings by telephone and can be contacted via her free-phone telephone number, 0800 787 9082.

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