How to be Psychic
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How to be Psychic

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Being psychic is the ability to enter the hidden, mysterious, supernatural, metaphysical world; the Collins Dictionary has a clear definition:

Psychic Psychical: a. pert. to the soul, spirit, or mind; pert. to the force believed by Spiritualists to produce spiritualistic phenomena; spiritualistic. - psychically adv. psychic n. a person sensitive to spiritualistic forces; a medium; a clairvoyant.

Most of us as children, are often much very attune to our spiritual self. As we grow older, we can lean more and more on the realities of logic, common sense and reason. Like any skill, the more we do not use it, then the less effective, the less instinctive, the less efficient our intuition or sixth sense, becomes.

The following are suggestions that may help you to become more psychic and may also be useful to you if you wish to develop as a medium.

Audio skills - Listen to your inner voice more. It is your inner guide; sometimes it is a warning, sometimes it is encouragement, sometimes it is a thought that comes to your mind. Often it is repetitive, but if you continue to ignore it, then it will eventually “go away”. Make a journal of your inner voice. Do you listen to your intuition? What happens when you do? What happens when you don’t?

As you write, you will be linking in with the metaphysical side of yourself. Some of you may choose to hand write it. Others may choose to type it. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you log it in some way.

Visual skills - Dreams are often very visual. If you find you have prophetic dreams, or perhaps dream about work, colleagues, friends, record your impressions by having a pen and paper by your bed so that you can jot them down when they are fresh in your mind. You may find that as you do this, you are able to note more and more details. Return to the pages frequently to see what you have written, and to reflect on any experiences you have had since the dream.

Automatic drawing - Have a moment or two of quietness. Sitting quietly with your journal, several coloured pencils and a pen, allow yourself to link in to your higher self. Try breathing quietly in and out. Imagine, in the central area just above your eyes, a gentle white flame of light growing bright. Imagine the light filling all of you. Welcome the infinity and the inspiration of the spiritual world. Allow your pen to draw any images that come to mind, It could be a simple outline of a person, of an animal, perhaps just an image or even a memory. It may even be a mix of colours that you feel inspired to put on to paper. At this stage you may be given a name, or words come to mind. Jot anything down visually, drawing or writing them according to how you feel.

Meditation - Sit quietly in a room you feel most comfortable in. Ask for Love, peace and light to surround you. Visualise a rainbow of spiritual colours washing over you; white, pink, purple, silver, gold. Allow yourself to feel the warmth of these colours; as you sink into the rainbow be conscious of any thoughts, feelings, smells, or even people that come to your mind. Close the meditation with your thanks for the peace and stillness, and visualise your rainbow of colours again, allowing it to change from gold, silver, purple, pink to white.

Opening your 3rd eye - Light a candle and meditate with the light. In your thoughts, draw the light closer to you. As you do this imagine the light getting brighter and filling the room. Do you see any visions or impressions within the candle flame? Try this for one to two moments at a time, and then relax. Try again another night, perhaps for a moment longer. You may not get anything at all to start with, but if you choose a regular date and time you may find that a link to that spiritual / psychic world that is within and around you.

Using all of your senses - Sort out 5 different but clear photographs or images. They could be for example of the sea/beach; mountains; bag/shoes; a picture of a well known landmark such as Blackpool tower; a light house. Actual photographs have the energies of the memories attached to them and to any people that have handled them.

Once you have your pictures, place them in envelopes that you have numbered from 1 to 5. You can ask a friend to choose the pictures for you if you like, and to put them in envelopes for you. You will need to shuffle the envelopes around and perhaps leave them for a day or two before the next step of the exercise.

Draw to you peace, love and light. Know that you have all that you need within you. Select an envelope and place it in your hands. Some of you may prefer to have the envelope on the table in front of you to focus on.

Allow your impressions, of thoughts, feelings, images, to come freely. Write down the number of the envelope that you are looking at, and jot down your impressions. Use coloured pens/crayons; if you prefer to draw rather than write, that’s fine too. It may even be easier to record it orally onto a Dictaphone, if you have one.

Once you have done this with all five envelopes, open them up and check them with what you have written. You may need to repeat it with different envelopes and pictures as this is not an easy thing to do. Do not worry if you get simple descriptive words, like “cold, wet, blue”.

As you work on the exercises, I am sure that you will be rewarded with the spiritual peace and harmony that often comes when we develop our psychic skills. Please note that in the UK, psychic work can only be for entertainment purposes only and should never replace professional advice, opinion or interfere with your own free will.

Authour: Gina - Doggeanie. Gina offers spiritual readings by telephone and can be contacted via her free-phone telephone number, 0800 787 9082.

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