Explore the Tarot relationship cards.
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Seal a Loving Kiss with Tarot Readings

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Tarot is much more than a divinatory tool; it can help us to reflect and offer insights or guidance into the current pathway. Exploring the relationship cards in tarot may help you to visualise the relationship you would like and help you to create it; it is a bit like placing a Cosmic Order, or working with the Laws of Attraction, but using tarot to help you do it.

Cards discussed are from the Universal Waite deck; if you do not own a deck you can look up the illustrations on the net. The notes I have made on the cards that follow are my own and intended as a guide; as you look at the cards you may 'see' the cards differently from me. This is also why I would suggest that rather than reading the write up on the cards, you spend quality time looking at the images and writing your own ideas down. The cards to look for are: 2 cups, 6 of cups, 10 cups, 10 pentacles or coins, 6 The Lovers.

Using the Cards

1. You may like to print a copy of each picture, cut them out and place them on a table in front of you. . What are the cards saying about love and relationships? The images in the cards should help you consider, in an exacting way, what it is that you are hoping for in terms of love and romance. Select cards that you are drawn to. If any cards seem unhelpful or negative, give thanks for them and turn them over. Look again for a card that to you contains positive, helpful elements, or qualities, that you would be looking for in terms of a possible partner / relationship.

It may be easier for you to write your thoughts down especially if you are drawn to more than two cards. This way you can reflect on your thoughts afterwards, and add any elements you feel are still missing. Thoughts you may encounter as you study the cards could be "loving", "gives time freely"; "caring"; "faithful"; "humorous"; "long term"; "considerate", etc…

Do not forget that words, whether in thought, speech, or on paper, have an energy. Like the magician in tarot, you are using the cards and your own words as tools to create, to compile an image of your own Cosmic Love Order. As you work, the energies of your positive words and thoughts are being sent out into the Cosmos as a request.

You may have experienced Cosmic Ordering or Laws of Attraction yourself; usually we experience this when we are reminded of someone we have not heard from in a while, and, suddenly shortly afterwards, "out of the blue" (ie.Cosmos) they phone.

2. Once you have your list, or "Cosmic Love Order"; you can then write your own mantra to nurture a positive energy field of attraction around you: "I, …(include your name) .. draw to me through Divine love and light, a relationship / marriage that is……(include appropriate words from your list).

By exploring love within tarot, and writing your own Love Mojo’s, you never know, you may shortly be attracting the fulfilling relationship and sealing that loving kiss from the partner of your dreams! If you get stuck, I’ve included my thoughts on each card below. In Love Light. Happiness.

  • Ace cups - Can indicate a relationship opportunity; the water seems cleansing, gentle, free flowing. The dove represents peace, healing. Is your past relationship one where you experienced anger / hurt ? Some relationships are karmic; we learn / experience things like unconditional love, forgiveness, trust - a hard pathway, one perhaps that was not easy to give up; you struggled to maintain / improve it. Be gentle on yourself and allow past hurts to flow away so you can have a new beginning; a love that is gentle, has no pressure, is peaceful, kind and sincere; moral / ethical values and truth maybe important to you here.

  • 2 cups - Two people are bonding together; it seems as if the woman is doing all the work of attraction, and her partner is drawn closer. You may be feeling weary of being alone and feel that a relationship would help overcome obstacles / hurdles and bring in an element of strength. It may be that you want a clear, honest, eye to eye, communicative relationship; perhaps you may be drawn to this if you are seeking a relationship that may not be forever, but will be of equal benefit.

  • 6 of cups - A card that may draw you if you would like someone older and gentle; for women, this could be the gentle, but older gentleman (with the hint of a soul mate about them) who would treat you and throw the odd surprise. Soul mates often have at least 8 years difference between them; instinctively you feel, or know, what they are thinking, or when they are going to phone. Somehow the two of you are just comfortable together. This is an optimistic joyful card with a hint of looking at romance with a new freshness; a breath of fresh air. Maybe a good one to look at if you always seem to be in relationships that aren’t right, or you do all the work in.

  • 10 cups - Love, happiness; peace, nurture, children, marriage; a happy, warm home and relationship for all. A card of blessings really, of long lasting stability within a relationship.

  • 10 pentacles or coins - A card you may want to reflect on if you wish for someone who loves the arts and is a successful person, perhaps in business; someone who is secure financially and can offer you the finer things in life. If you are drawn to this card, you may like to think what it says about how your family interacted with previous relationships. You may also be thinking if this was positive or unhelpful, and what the ideals for a future relationship would be.

  • The Lovers - You may be drawn to this card if you would like an exciting energised relationship; an instant attraction; you know the one where you feel that tingle in your stomach, the one that takes you on a roller coaster of passion and desire. We share life at that moment, together, sometimes for a reason. Sometimes we have what I call a spiritual twin; someone whom we have journeyed with in several life times; and just in hours you feel as if you have known them all your life.

Authour: Gina - Doggeanie. Gina offers spiritual readings by telephone and can be contacted via her free-phone telephone number, 0800 787 9082.

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