Colour Coach Your Life. A basic understanding of color therapy. What is your colour aura?
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Readings can often illuminate, just like car's headlights do; they throw light onto situations and can help us to understand better our current pathway. Our current pathway in life is full of colour, it is all around us. Products are designed with colour in mind, to attract the right people to the right products. Colours, like crystals, give off energy vibrations. Colours can also affect how other people relate to us, and can also affect / heal our own spiritual and emotional energy.  Have a look at the colour around you now as you are reading this. What colours are you wearing?

There are those who offer readings simply by colour. They look at the colours and patterns that you choose, from ribbons or from specially prepared bottles. There are aura paintings, and aura readings. Some readers may also ask you for three colours that spring to your mind, to help them to make a connection with you.

For those of you that have a set of tarot or other divinatory card decks, try drawing out your usual number of cards that you would use in a reading. Apart from the story that it tells you, is there a colour that speaks to you? It may be a tiny patch of colour that calls to you or you may find you are drawn to more than one colour. You may also find there is a predominance of one colour in your spread, or, if you are drawn to one card in particular, within that card itself. If you don't have cards, but have a little store of crystals or coloured pebbles, why not try placing them in a bag or small basket, and then select 5 of them that you are drawn to? You may find within the 5 you have 2 or 3 colours that you can meditate with.

Often associated with clergy and those in the legal profession. Black, like it's opposite, White, can be used for protection, or keeping things hidden from view. If you have taken to wearing black recently, it may indicate that you feel the need to keep separate, or to "withdraw".

Gemstones - black tourmaline, black onyx. Jet, obsidian. (Black can also indicate sadness or be an indicator of feelings of depression)

Dark blue - helps with issues of structure or organisation; movement, and relaxation.

Pale blue - helps bring in a sense of calmness; it helps to clear out things, perhaps to calm your mind or to calm a sense of confusion. It brings in peace, tranquillity, healing.

In tarot it can be linked to the divine feminine; peaceful solitude; with students it is a useful colour as it is said to help with learning new information.

Blue mixed with violet becomes indigo, and is used a lot in healing.

Gemstones: Aquamarine, blue quartz, lapis lazuli, sodalite. For indigo violet, amethyst.

Think of earth magic with brown; it brings in feelings of being rooted and stabilised. Brown is earth energy; good for grounding and centering. So it helps if you are feeling "up in the air" with things. It is solid, wholesome; it can blend in with other colours but carries it's own stability. It is order and convention.  

Gemstones: amber, tigers eye.

Helps achieve independence and is often used in money spells, as is the colour yellow. It brings in balance, harmony, growth, helps with overcoming or accepting a challenge; olive green is often a good colour for an interview.  Green has a sense of fertility, prosperity and abundance.

Gemstones:, Emerald, green calcite, green tourmaline, jade, Moss Agate.

Orange can bring in hope for tomorrow; bringing in feelings of aspiration and success. It is the colour of sunset, the heart of the fire, and is often connected to cheerfulness, positivity, motivation, and strength. Orange attracts and is often used for business projects, tests, proposals (think of the logo of a well known supermarket!) You can add orange to a room if you feel time is dragging there (like a work place); if you want to bring more attention to something, or if you want to be more involved, or more creative; or perhaps life is becoming a bit serious and tedious and a splash of orange brings in a bit of zest, a little relief.

Be careful with this colour though.

Gemstones: Camelian, fire opal, sunstone.

A safe, almost neutral colour. It brings in a sense of taking things easy, having a little of this, a little of that, of balance really. It is unobtrusive, so good to add in your wardrobe if meeting someone that you feel at odds with, or perhaps to wear if you know you want to be on the war path and yet need some restraint. It is non threatening; wear it to add a bit of kindness, of gentility, sympathy, or to give off the signal that you wish all well.

White / Gold / Silver
Relieves tension, focus on life's goals and the spirituality of life. It helps bring in perspective, helps combat stress, brings in an attitude of study, knowledge, logic. These colours invoke the sense of light, as they are reflective.

Colour Therapy Exercise

Reflect on the colours you are drawn to and the meaning of them; only some of the colours are listed here to help you think about their significance. For example, if you perhaps are feeling too peaceful or subdued, as in too "peachy", try counteracting it with another colour i.e. Orange. Or perhaps you may want to reduce tension or feelings of anger; in that case, if it is peach that is calling to you, try adding things that are peach to your wardrobe, home or work place.

It doesn't have to be expensive. For example it is orange that draws you, a bowl of say three or four oranges will very cheaply and instantly bring the colour into your home, as will a bunch of flowers. Add a scarf of that colour to your wardrobe. You can also make your own colour card, a simple circle/square of the colour that has called to you.  if you make it small enough you can add it to a key ring for example.  Crystals/gem stones are wonderful to brighten the home with their colours I know, but sometimes they not easy to get and are dear to buy.

Then, over the week / days to come, hopefully you will find that the colours that you have added can bring changes. Colour significance in cards are often healing messengers of light that are there for a reason, to bring benefit and to balance out negative emotions / feelings / energies.

Authour: Gina - Doggeanie. Gina offers spiritual readings by telephone and can be contacted via her free-phone telephone number, 0800 787 9082.

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