Psychic hotline services - An introduction.
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Which is best? A psychic hotline or face-to-face reading? There's no straight answer to this question... Only you can answer it, and it depends on your circumstances and preferences.

Many psychic hotlines use a premium rate ('090' in the UK) telephone number as a means of generating an income for the psychic, clairvoyant or medium. These typically cost around £1.00 - £1.50 / minute to call, so if you're not the bill payer, do make sure you have their permission before calling!

£1.50 / minute may seem expensive, but it's worth weighing-up the alternative options first:

  • Is a face-to-face reading important?
    For some, face-to-face readings are very important and in this case, a psychic hotline service is not the right choice. For others, it can often be easier or more convenient to talk on the 'phone.
  • How far will you need to travel for a face-to-face reading and what travel expenses will you incur?
    Once you take into account the clairvoyant's fee along with travelling expenses, a 45-minute telephone reading may work out to be the most cost-effective option.

Although a minority, you may find a few psychics and clairwoyants who offer their services in exchange for a donation. It's up to you, the client to decide the level of payment, usually after the reading. If you choose this type of service, please don't abuse it. Your honesty is expected and all services are offered in good faith.

If you do choose to use a psychic hotline, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Do your homework and choose wisely
    There are plenty of psychic hotlines to choose from. In fact, we list some here on UK-Psychics. However, before getting your dialling finger out, do try and satisfy yourself that the individual or company offering the service is reputable. Check out their web site, find out if they belong to any professional organisation and make sure you substantiate any membership claims.
  • Be aware of how much you're spending
    As already stated, if you're dialling an '090' number, you're paying a per minute charge, so make sure you know what it is! Not all psychic hotline services use premium rate numbers to generate their revenue. Some individuals use standard '01'  telephone numbers, non-geographic '0845' (local) or '0800' (free) numbers. In these instances, you'll need to pay for the reading with a credit or debit card up-front.
  • Prepare well before making your call
    Make sure you have a pen and paper to hand so you can make notes during your call. If you're calling a premium rate number or are on a fixed time call, you'll want to be sure you don't waste those precious minutes. Although you may well have questions already in your head, it's well worth writing them down beforehand so you don't forget anything.
  • Set yourself a budget
    Once you know the per minute charge, you can calculate how much a 45 minute (or however long you wish) call will cost. Sit by a clock or timer so you know how long your call has lasted. You may find it useful to mention up-front how long you intend the call to last.

Finally, premium rate '090' numbers are regulated in the UK by an organisation called PhonepayPlus (formally ICSTIS). If you feel you've had a negative experience with a premium rate phone provider, you can make a complaint and ask PhonepayPlus to investigate.

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