Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a Psychic - can you help?

Yes we can! But please don't contact UK-Psychics direct if you're trying to book a Psychic, as we are simply an online directory of Psychic Reading, Tarot and Clairvoyant services. Using the map of the UK at the top of the right-hand column on this page, select your region to find Clairvoyants and Psychics in your area. You can narrow down your search by also selecting your county.

Once you've located a company / individual you'd like to contact, use our custom contact form to send your enquiry. The form will remember the details you enter and you can contact up to six companies with your request.

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I want to link to your web site. Can you supply the relevant HTML code?

HTML code options are available to copy and paste from our links page.

I want to use your enquiry forms to mailshot your advertisers.

This is strictly against our terms and conditions. This directory has been compiled by I.T. Magic (UK) Ltd, who are the owners of the copyright and database rights in it. All intellectual property rights reserved.

No reproduction, copying, scanning, or recording, by any means, in any form; nor broadcasting or transmission through any medium, of any part of this directory is permitted without the express written consent of I.T. Magic (UK) Ltd. This directory may not be used: to prepare or compile other databases or directories; nor for providing any kind of commercial information service; nor as a source of material or contact data for any kind of telemarketing, direct marketing, viral or other electronic marketing activity.

I.T. Magic (UK) Ltd has adopted security measures to aid: in the detection of infringements of its intellectual property rights in this publication; and in any legal proceedings arising therefrom. Infringement may give rise to both civil enforcement action and criminal proceedings under UK law.

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I booked a Psychic through your site but they failed to turn-up.

UK-Psychics takes these sorts of complaints very seriously. We never knowingly accept adverts from companies / individuals who do not honor bookings and we have no desire to retain such adverts. Please let us know the full details and we will endeavour to assist in any way possible. If you originally used our enquiry form to contact the company, we will have a transcript on file which can be used as evidence in any compensation claim you wish to pursue with the advertiser (direct).

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Can I register multiple free accounts in different towns to get more exposure in the directory?

Sorry, this is not allowed. UK-Psychics is very strict at enforcing this. All advertisers are limited to just 1 free listing, no exceptions. Duplicate free listings are always deleted and repeat offenders are removed from the site altogether. If you find the directory of benefit, please support it by upgrading your listing to a paid advert.

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My personal details have changed, how do I get it amended on the site?

For security reasons, we are unable to make changes to accounts from e-mail / telephone requests. Please log-in to your administration account using your registered e-mail address and chosen password. Select the 'Update Business' option in the left-hand column of your admin page to amend any of your personal details.

If you can't remember your chosen password, use the password retrieval option to receive a reminder.

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I've forgotten my password.

Please use the password retrieval option to receive a reminder of your chosen password.

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I'm having problems activating my account the activation link doesn't seem to work.

E-mail programs can sometimes 'break' the activation link by splitting the special address over multiple lines. Other mail programs (AOL users in particular) may also prevent the link from being clicked on.

To activate your account, you need to carefully copy and paste the FULL address into a browser address bar. If the activation link is split over 2 or more lines, make sure your copy and paste each section. There should be no spaces within the activation link.

If you continue to have problems, please forward your activation e-mail to us and we'll manually activate your account.

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I'm unable to log-in to my account.

Please work through the following checklist to resolve your issue:

  • Have you activated your account? New accounts must be activated before you can log-in. Follow the instructions given in your activation e-mail.
  • Your web browser MUST be able to accept cookies for you to log-in. Check that any Internet security software, firewalls and browser settings allow cookies through.
  • Are you trying to log-in using the correct e-mail address? Use our password retrieval option to check.
  • If the password retrieval facility accepts your e-mail address, check you're using the correct password.

If you're still having difficulty, please contact us.

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Why do some enquiry forms have an extra option at the bottom that allows the booking enquiry to be made visible to other companies in the area?

UK-Psychics offers a range of listing options for advertisers. This includes both free and paid listings.

For advertisers who use our free service, an additional field is included on the enquiry form. This field allows any potential client to 'make public' their message, allowing other paying members of UK-Psychics to follow-up the enquiry.

PLEASE NOTE: This ONLY applies to account holders who are using our free advertising service. Silver, Gold and Platinum members do not have this extra field included on their enquiry forms and all messages remain private.

SILVER account holders can log-in to their account an see any enquiries made within their county, GOLD account holders will see all enquiries made in their region and PLATINUM account holders will see all public enquiries for the whole of the UK.

Messages remain visible for 5 days, after which they are automatically removed.

The person who made the enquiry has the option to remove their message at any time from the database.

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Why do you allow some enquiries to be made visible to your paying advertisers?

Whilst UK-Psychics offers free advertising, the site is committed to supporting those members who support the site financially through their membership payments. It is therefore only fair that paying members benefit the most.

During Aril 2006, UK-Psychics received 1.00 visitors. All advertisers who receive business through UK-Psychics are encouraged to contribute to the success of the site and help make it even better. Our advertising rates are very low, so please support us.

Together, we are strong!

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What are SMS credits / How does the SMS system work?

Advertisers can purchase SMS credits to receive instant notification of booking enquiries via their mobile phone. This allows an advertiser to respond quicker to the enquiry, increasing the chances of securing the booking.

Paying advertisers can also choose to receive SMS notifications of third party enquiries. Remember: 3rd party enquiries are not sent out via e-mail - advertisers must check their admin account to collect any messages. Enabling 3rd party SMS enquiries therefore ensures instant notification, again increasing the likelihood of securing an additional booking.

Purchasing SMS credits is quick and simple, via the advertiser's administration page. The cost of credits varies, depending on the quantity purchased and starts from just 35p / message + VAT.

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I wish to upgrade my account. What membership options are available?

There are five listing options available on the site. Here's a summary:

Basic free listing

A basic listing is free-of-charge and includes a full company profile and banner advert on your profile page.

Clients who complete your booking form have the option of making their enquiry visible to other companies in your area. The default state for this field is ticked / selected. Click here read more about 3rd party enquiries.

Bronze Membership

Bronze membership is also free of charge, but subject to a reciprocal link-back to us from your site.

Your profile page will include a direct hyperlink to your web site.

Bronze listings are regularly reviewed to ensure our link on your site is maintained. If our link is removed from your site, your listing will be automatically downgraded.

Clients who complete your booking form have the option of making their enquiry visible to other companies in your area. The default state for this field is un-ticked / de-selected. Click here read more about 3rd party enquiries.

Silver Membership

Silver membership offers low cost advertising with increased visibility over free listings and no requirement to supply a reciprocal link.

You will receive an enhanced box advert on your relevant region page.

Note: The directory is currently restricted to region searches only. As more advertisers sign-up, visitors will be able to search by County. At this point, your enhanced box advert will move to your relevant County page.

You receive a direct link to your web site.

You will also have access to all 3rd party enquiries made to other companies in your county. Click here for more details.

Silver membership costs just 24.00 / year (incl. VAT).


Gold membership offers increased exposure with the prominent display of banners and information boxes.

Your details will be displayed in a high visibility box and will appear above all 'Silver' and 'Bronze' listings.

Your graphic banner will be included in the left-hand column on all county pages within your region.

You will also have access to all 3rd party enquiries made to other companies in your region. Click here for more details.

This is the recommended option for optimum exposure in your region.

Gold membership costs just 72.00 / year (incl. VAT).


Platinum membership offers maximum exposure throughout the whole site.

Your information box and graphic banner will receive top placement on all pages, regardless of geographical location.

Your graphic banner also appears on the UK-Psychics home page.

You will also have access to all 3rd party enquiries made to other companies throughout the UK. Click here for more details.

This membership option is only recommended for businesses who offer FULL UK coverage.

NOTE: Platinum slots are strictly limited and are made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Platinum membership costs 168.00 / year (incl. VAT).

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You have sold out of Gold / Platinum adverts, can you let me know when one becomes available?

Unfortunately, we are unable to maintain a waiting list. Adverts are sold on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. Once the allocation is sold, slots will only be made available when another advertiser chooses not (or forgets) to renew their listing.

Advertisers are therefore encouraged to upgrade while slots are available.

If all premium slots are sold, you still have the opportunity to get your site listed at the top of our pages through the Google Adwords system. If you don't already have an Adwords account, you can sign-up via the link below.